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Avon S10 Gas Mask

Avon S10 Gas Mask

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Ahhh the classic Avon S10 Gas Mask.

Masks come with flat clear perspex replacement lenses installed. Suitable for Airsoft and tinting yourself.

Right Angle Hoses are also available for that sleeker look HERE

Sealed Filters are available HERE

Want to drink from any cup using the built in straw? You will need THIS

Why is the Size 1 more expensive? Because it costs me a lot more to get them :(

Masks are given a disinfection, wipe and buff before sending and are no longer fully deep cleaned (To make dispatch faster), there are guides online for this. Straps are left alone to ensure they grip so may come with talc applied.

See sizing guide image to ensure you get the correct size.

Does NOT include filter or hoses, mask only. Hoses and Filters available separately

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