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S10 Drinking Port Hollow

S10 Drinking Port Hollow

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Drink from a normal cup with this 3d printed S10 drinking port adaptor.

Replaces your current port with a hollow one.

Mask still seals due to the valve lever on the front of the mask closing off the supply.

How do you drink from S10 Gas Mask?

Sick of not being able to use your S10 drinking draw?

Want to drink from any drink with your S10?

Then look no further. This replacement tip for the S10 drinking straw is just the thing. Drink from any source of liquid without needing the special drinking bottle. Beers, wine, water you name it.

Drink from S10 Gas Mask

UK Made, made from food safe Nylon

** Quality of drinking depends on condition of your mask. Where the inner drinking straw attaches to the passthrough plastic is not a great fit in most masks and can introduce air into the system making drinking not amazing. Fixing this seal resolves the issue but either glueing the internal straw on or using bluetac or similar to prevent air getting in **


Thanks to Pup Neutron for the photo

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