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S10 LED Light Ring Set

S10 LED Light Ring Set

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Add some lights to your s10 gas mask with these LED light ring inserts. Over 300 animations, full addresable LED and adjustable brightness.

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Includes diffuser that can be removed easily for a more 'binary' LED effect.

The lights clip straight into your S10 gas mask using the hooks inside the standard lens holders. No glue or modification to your mask required.

Flat lenses are required (can be found on our store site)

A 366 mode colour controller is included with a 0.5m cable to USB A and requires a usb battery bank to power (not included). The LEDs are WLED and if you know how you can change the controller for your own and plug into the 4 pin plug to feed the LEDs.

For power we suggest a small battery bank with USB A connector, this should power the LEDs for a long time. Most of these you can clip into a collar or the back of the mask with a keyring.

Runtime will be reduced on solid colour modes compared to animated modes.

Thanks to Pup Neutron for the photos
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